What is a long time?

Average Contemporary Human Lifespan 80 years (1.0 HLS)
About 300 years since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (3.75 HLS)
The Birth of Christ was about 2000 years ago (25 HLS)
First Agriculture was about 9,500 BC at the beginning of the Holocene Era (144 HLS)
The emergence of the species Homo Sapiens 200,000 years ago (2,500 HLS)
Hominids, first non-human ancestors, about 6 million years ago (75,000 HLS)
Mammals get their chance when non-avian dinosaurs go extinct 66 million years ago (825,000 HLS)
Dinosaurs emerge about 230 million years ago (2,875,000 HLS)
Multi-cellular Life begins about 600 million years ago (7,500,000 HLS)
The last 300 Years




On the internet they can’t tell that you’re actually a dog…

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On the internet they can’t tell that you’re actually a dog…

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