I’m going on the record…

with my own conspiracy theory.

1 min readMay 8, 2020

I’m going on the record… with my own conspiracy theory.

There is so much “conspiracy crap” out there it makes me want to vomit! Even so, I have my own conspiracy theory echoing in my brain… and I just can’t keep it inside anymore. I hope to hell I’m wrong… TRULY I do!!!

I hear about so many actions the Trump administration is taking regarding the coronavirus pandemic that seem on their face to be counterproductive. I have been trying to think what logical strategy could be behind these seemingly self-defeating actions.

It is unmistakably clear that Trump’s foremost objective in life is to make himself look good. Well… he has an absolutely golden opportunity to make himself look like a top-notch leader. He could so easily make himself the heroic leader he so badly wants to be seen as just by taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. He could, with very little effort of his own, marshal all the expertise America has to understand and ultimately defeat this virus. Instead, everything he does seems to be deliberately intended to make it worse. It makes no sense…

Unless… unless his objective is to make the whole thing so bad that he would feel he has a legitimate basis for canceling the election… for declaring marshal law. With out doubt, one of the most humiliating things Trump might have to endure is an electoral defeat… worse yet, a resounding electoral defeat. The only surefire way to avoid that is to cancel the election.

Just sayin’




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